The Cremation Process

Cremation Process | Low Cost Cremation

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in San Francisco, CA

Please carefully read the instructions before beginning.

You will be asked a series of questions required by the State of California to complete a death certificate. There may be information you do not know. Please try to be as thorough as possible because this information will be printed on the death certificate. Here is some information you will need along the way.

  • Decedent’s Social Security Number, Place of Residence, Work History, Education, and Marital Information.
  • Decedent’s Parents’ Information (Name and State of Birth)
  • Physician’s Information

Important to Note – No form field can be left blank. Use the term "Unknown" for any information you do not have. The word "Unknown" will be printed on the death certificate for these fields.

Once you have printed the forms, please review the information carefully, then sign and date the forms. Once everything is in order, you may fax the completed forms to us at 415-861-9866.

Download Cremation Arrangement Form

Planning A Funeral Cremation

If you're faced with the task of planning a funeral cremation on behalf of a loved one, you're not alone. At College Station Mortuary, we understand how difficult and personal this time can be for a family. When planning a funeral cremation, our staff can guide you as you prepare all of the necessary information and paperwork. To learn more about the cremation process or cremation services offered from College Station Mortuary, please contact us today. 

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